Clayjay – Listen Up f. Nando Calrissian & John Glocke (Music Video)

With so much music coming out every single day, when there’s something that’s so obviously one of a kind, it tickles my ears differently and I’ve got to scratch it. This comes from a familiar face, Clayjay, who’s done songs with Tobi and Nessly among others but this song sounds like none of his other music and it’s got a real interesting story. This song emerged out of a freestyle that some friends of his had recorded, that Clayjay heard and turned into a full blown song. So the other two voices you hear on here, aren’t really rappers, but the bars are hilarious, the flow is on point and the hook is as catchy as could. But one of the voices is Fern of Ruby Red, a group I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about in the future, but still, he’s not quite a rapper.

That’s all before we get to Clayjay’s vocals, where he really went crazy and turned that pitch knob all the way up and took a note out of 645AR‘s book. His verse is chipmunky but it’s so damn fluid and catchy. You’re going to have quite a few bars off the song ringing around in your head after and I haven’t even talked about the music video, where Clayjay hired a couple older folk to mob around with him and step in front of the camera as his rapper cohorts. The Zach Gelman and Clayjay directed video really ties this ridiculously fun song all together and just makes this a song you have to bounce up and down to, it’s undeniable. Enjoy!

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