Caine Casket – CAMO

Caine Casket‘s a name you’ll want to be acquainted with immediately. Caine’s been releasing music for some years now but he recently shared this absolutely incredible new song ‘CAMO’ that may be better called a statement. The song is the perfect mixture of soulful vocals on the chorus and rapping on the verses with a key-driven instrumental. A lot of music these days do sound great sonically but comes a bit short on substance. You cannot say that about ‘CAMO’, as this song truly hits the mark lyrically, sonically and with the performance. Here’s what Caine has to say about ‘CAMO’:

“I wrote this track in 2019 after witnessing the murder of Stephon Clark. It hurt to see so many Americans normalized his death. I felt isolated in my frustration, so It started as a ballad for the collective protection of black people globally. After witnessing the death of George Floyd & then Breonna Taylor, I finished it. It’s my personal declaration that we are war.”

‘CAMO’ comes as the lead single from his forthcoming EP The Nature Of War and if this doesn’t have your interest up, I don’t know what will.

Watch the music video for ‘CAMO’ above or stream the song below.

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