Asha Imuno
Good News (Album)

You can probably place the blame on streaming but it’s evident that in the last few years, newer artists have strayed away from putting out albums more and more, mostly just due to people’s music consumption habits. It actually feels like a breath of fresh air when an artist decides to put out a really cohesive and strong body of work like this one from Asha Imuno at their beginning stages. I guess that’s partly because the album’s actually amazingly well executed, but this album serves as a brilliant artist to a talented rapper you need to be familiar with; a rapper with a widely diverse musical palette that is. That’s partly what makes this album a treat, at 14-tracks, there’s songs on the darker side like “SIX PACK” that still pack a punch and a dynamite hook or tracks with more of an R&B swing like “QUESTIONS”.

If you need anymore selling points, as well as a bit of back story, Asha’s a 19-year-old that’s a member of the Raised by the Internet collective, that houses Jelani Aryeh, Troi Blank, Gidi and Jasper Typical. But Asha is pretty self-reliant and recorded and produced the majority of this album himself, making how good this body of work is that much more impressive. Definitely take some time to sit down with this one.

Produced By

Asha Imuno, Jasper Typical, VYNK & Different Sleep

Release Date

October 15, 2020


Moreno Valley, CA

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