Henry Francis – Better Off (Music Video)

If you’re a fan of Justin Bieber‘s 2015 gem “Love Yourself,” you’ll probably love yourself a little more after discovering Henry Francis‘ new single, “Better Off.” While his songwriting is reminiscent of Post Malone, Ed Sheeran, and Clinton Kane, the simplicity of the production on this track is what truly allows it to shine. The complimentary kick drum hits perfectly during the hook, and throughout his vocal crooning, there’s a luscious and gently weeping electric guitar.

Although it’s an intensely sad song, please join me in admitting that artists make their most relatable music when they’re feeling deeply tortured and quite literally need to use their creative gifts as a means of healing. Henry’s no exception to this general recipe and neither are some of the clear sonic inspirations here—Lil Peep, Frank Ocean, and Juice WRLD to name a few. The 16-year-old Illinois native recently took his talents to Tik Tok, where he most notably went viral for covering Giveon‘s hook on “Chicago Freestyle,” and we’re excited to see his continued growth as a promising young songwriter. If he hasn’t appeared on your “For You” page yet, keep an eye out for that midwestern charm.

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