Ūla – Futon

17-year-old Ūla is almost sure to blow you away with how purely good her brand new song “Futon” is and it has a great story to go with it. A Producer going as @give.me.the.aux uploaded a Tik Tok a few months ago of a beat he made and asked people to duet it, one such who did was Sydney, Australia native Ūla and they were so blown away by her performance and her voice that they had to make an original song together. Thanks to some zoom sessions, Aux and a couple friends came up with this song “Futon” out of it with Ūla and it truly sounds like a hit. It’s a beautiful pop song with an infectious melody, great arrangement and an exciting bubbly feel to it. And as icing on the cake, Aux created a Tik Tok to go along with the release of this song, that tells the story of its creation, just like I did up above and it’s been going a bit viral on Tik Tok. Get hip to an insanely exciting new artist with one of our favorite new songs and swipe right to watch that viral Tik Tok!

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