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Introducing Garland, Texas native Yoza, another artist that got a break from Tik Tok, as videos focused on his music started hitting that algorithm on the app and drove a lot of new eyes and ears to his music. That’s one of the positive sides of this year, it’s given talented kids like Yoza the opportunity to turn lofty music dreams into much more of reality, literally overnight. Driven by his cold voice and smooth flow, Yoza is slowly getting better and better as a songwriter and sharpening his sword at this sound of his that takes from pop, R&B, rap and a bunch of different pockets.

2020 has undoubtedly been the worst year for humans all over the globe in all their lifetime. The times are unprecedented so we among other things, it helps to celebrate the good that comes out of this year, like Biden winning the election and also to find methods of coping and getting by; music can help a bunch with. It’s songs like this one from Yoza that certainly help; a feel-good anthem about staying positive through adversity and of course that message is very potent in the time we’re living in.

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