Ethan Ross

Ethan Ross‘ is no stranger to the Fashionably Early pages. We’ve been covering the New Jersey raised act since 2018 and now that Ethan’s fresh off a move to LA, he’s showcasing a new side of his sound on ‘Vertigo’. Produced by his go-to producer Tom Jacob, this is arguably his most polished song to-date. The song as a whole is just super catchy, from the guitar in the production to the super sticky chorus. Ethan’s always had an intriguing blend of poppy, melodic emo rap and double time flows and he really knocked that sound out of the park here. ‘Vertigo’ is a song that can really fit into different pockets of pop and rap audiences, which is a hard thing to do.

Stream ‘Vertigo’ below.

Produced By

Tom Jacob

Release Date

November 11, 2020


New Jersey

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