Noah Jack

I sincerely don’t know the last time a song from a brand new artist has had me this excited, and Pennsylvania native Noah Jack has me trying to grab my jaw off the floor. He’s only started releasing music this year once quarantine hit in March but the 20-year-old has been working on his craft ever since he was 17. In that process he taught himself to play guitar and keys and of course, he learned how to make dynamite songs like “SWEET”. This song is gorgeous yet abrasive as the first 90 seconds of it focus on the gorgeous side, featuring sweet guitar plucks, impressive vocal runs, and gripping lyrics. It all brews together like a perfect storm that leads into this enormous drop that makes me jump out of my seat literally every time I hear it. This is not Noah’s most recent song, it’s just been the most addicting so please do yourself a favor and take a listen to everything on his Soundcloud after this song blows you all away, it’s embedded down below enjoy!