Ahmad Anonimis
Louder Than Yours

Atlanta will never be short on talent but it doesn’t always get its due for how multi-faceted the music scene is. Ahmad Anonimis is a new name from the city that you should get acquainted with, especially if you’re into the new generation of Atlanta with guys like JID and Kenny Mason. Ahmad is in that same ballfields, just working his way up from the minors but he’s got all the tools and skills to take it to the next level. He just has a signature rap voice that you can’t teach. The type that grabs your attention from the first word he utters on a song. In tandem with the energy he brings on a song like “Louder Than Yours” and you’ve got a fun, contagious bop. Along with the beautifully edited Kelevision directed video that adds Ahmad in as the newest character in Street Fighter, this one’s out of the park. My apologies for all the baseball references, just peep the music and strap in for this young kid’s journey.

Produced By

Jordon Ahmad Dowdley

Release Date

October 27, 2020


Atlanta, GA

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