Nina Cobham
do you come here often?

We stumbled upon Manchester, UK native Nina Cobham’s song “Sola” earlier this year and were absolutely floored. Nina has a purely dreamy voice on that song and she flaunted her bilingual prowess, which truly is not an easy thing to seamlessly accomplish. Rightfully, that song soon shot up the streaming charts and has now accumulated over 6 million streams on Spotify alone since releasing it in March of this year.

After patiently waiting, the on the rise starlet has delivered the follow-up, a song called “do you come here often?” that feels even dreamier and Nina still throws in a verse fully in Spanish that’s such a beautiful change up even if I can only personally piece together half of what she’s saying without using Google translate. But the new tune’s been on repeat for legitimately the last hour and I do not see myself getting tired of it any soon. Get hip to one of our favorite budding artists if you’re not already familiar!

Produced By

Jack Laboz & Primo Baker

Release Date

November 25, 2020


Manchester, UK

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