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Ireland has a lot of hidden talent and one such that needs to be brought to light are the skills that Dublin native EFÉ possesses. Her sound is oh so soothing and she has a voice that’s a bit akin to UMI. In collaboration with whokilledromeo who produced the bulk of her new debut EP they really carved out this insanely chill soundscape that feels like a comforting warm breeze. It’s songs like the intro “Girl 4 U” that are the perfect example of how they really knew how to not try to do too much.

The short song features this sultry guitar progression, with these fluttering bird sounds being the only other added layer of production to the song and when that’s met with EFÉ’s dreamy pitched up vocals, its an unequivocally beautiful sonic landscape that sets the tone for the project and generally just makes me so excited for the music that she has the potential to make going forward as well. Hit the link in our story to check out her full EP!

Produced By


Release Date

October 15, 2020


Dublin, Ireland

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