Houston’s reggie really made a splash with his debut song and music video for “Southside Fade”, an ode to his community and the people and scenery that surrounds him, and his latest release ” I DON’T WANT TO FEEL NO MORE” follows a similar visual but the message and tone has changed to something a bit more raw and reflective.

The video flows through various ideas throughout, when combined with reggie‘s falsetto stories of trying to numb a pain, the ideas start to weave into something a bit more raw as a reflection of the state of black communities in America. Parts of these stories were told in “Southside Fade”, but with “I DON’T WANT TO FEEL NO MORE”, reggie‘s tone and writing starts to call out the unsavory realities for his community. reggie‘s chorus is particularly jarring, “streets say you don’t need meds my momma say you just need prayer, but I need what they give you at the dentist. I don’t wanna feel no more,” as a dialogue to some of the ways people look to escape the pains of reality, through drugs, through religion, or something else to numb the pain, like Novocain at the dentist.

The music video plays out as a kind of documentary of the sights around reggie, but there is a majority of the music video that plays through various metaphors, things like anger, release, spirituality, reflection, togetherness, and strength can all be pulled in part from the music video. Undoubtedly powerful, reggie‘s statements in music so far are certainly not to simply fit a “vibe,” reggie in on the path to providing commentary and reflections for the times that we all live in, and this is where true power in music lies.

Produced By

EPT, Phoelix & Rodaidh McDonald

Release Date

December 2, 2020


Houston, TX

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