“Just another kid from Chicago,” TokenVlone’s instagram bio says. I am just another kid from Chicago, and if you listen to this kid’s music, it’s very clear we got a young star on our hands. He’s a 16 year old out of the North Lawndale neighborhood in Chicago, and I instantly became a fan with this new song titled “Rockstar”. It has one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard all of 2020 and it’s very possible that TokenVlone is gonna be the next big melodic rapper out of Chicago. I am always impressed to see artists younger than me making stellar music. He’s got the flow, writing, and production to back it all up. I highly recommend you go check out his discography. This is his best song to date and he’s only gonna keep getting better. Very excited to see where this young star ends up.

Produced By


Release Date

December 2, 2020


Chicago, IL

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