Alex Banin

Chicago’s own Alex Banin continuously drops nothing but heat, and she’s back with another stunning song and music video with “Hawthorne.” Alex really is top tier across the board and “Hawthorne” has it all on full display. Alex has a room-filling voice and knows how and when to pull it forward and when to let it fade into the production, all while penning some memorable lyrics and melodies to bring the whole package together.

The video is just as memorable as the song, with cityscape scenes juxtaposed a fencing match, which may allude to some of the lyrics through “Hawthorne” that draw inference to a back-and-forth battle of emotions. All in all, the level of talent and artistry shown through “Hawthorne” really puts Alex Banin at the forefront for artists to keep an eye on heading in to 2021. You can also catch her batting lead off in the latest refresh of Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist too, which is always a great indicator that the algorithmic powers that be are also paying attention to the bright star forming in Chicago.

Produced By


Release Date

November 30, 2020


Chicago, IL

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