Ricky Rosen
Dim The Lights

Sydney, Australia based med school student Ricky Rosen found a potential new career thanks to Tik Tok this year. The Australian is an insanely talented singer and once his covers on the social media platform started tapping into the algorithm it’s been off to the races. Ricky’s now at over 500k followers on Tik Tok and today he finally released his first official, original song. This one’ titled “Dim The Lights” and from the moment you press play there’s no hiding his powerful, sweet voice. Overall the song’s actually pretty jazzy as well as poppy and there’s some infinite promise out of this kid. We’re excited to tag along for his journey and as his songwriting improves, Ricky could be a FAST sensation. Get familiar and hit the link in our story to hear the full song!

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Release Date

December 11, 2020


Sydney, Australia

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