little dipper
Guilt Trip

I was surfing through the depths of Spotify when I stumbled upon little dipper. The only song he has released on Spotify is called, “guilt trip” and it caught me by surprise. At the very beginning of the song, he comes in with vocals that instantly make you feel how he does. Sad. The feeling of a guilt trip. He follows up this intro with a chorus that seems a little more upbeat and optimistic, addressing that he doesn’t want to feel the way he does.

Overall, the structure of this song is impressive. After the first chorus, everything feels very familiar and easy to hum along to. It’s a healthy balance between optimistically addressing personal issues and feeling down at the same time. If you haven’t already, listen to “guilt trip” by little dipper. Surely you’ll love this song just as much as I do.

Produced By

John Terry

Release Date

October 27, 2020


Chicago, IL

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