It's Just Music (Album)

Payday is not a new face here at Fashionably Early, Kyle wrote about her song “Alphabet Soup” back in July. It’s no surprise that she’s showing up once more after her most recent album.

I can’t help but be super thankful that I stumbled upon Payday‘s album (but feels like a mixtape), “It’s Just Music”. Coming from an artist that’s only 16 years old, the quality of this album is insane. The best part is, as soon as you think you can predict what’s coming next, Payday surprises you with something wonderful. Throughout each song, she continues pushing boundaries sounding shy and vulnerable one moment, while bold and courageous the next, especially with her penchant to really take a beat by the horns and flow over it with a real effortless sounding rap flow.

One track I found particularly notable is “Ooe”. This track highlights her vocal talent and songwriting skills in a way that is more digestible (to a mainstream audience) than most other songs on the album. The simple melodies in this song are exactly what many people are looking for in music. Not only is it simple and effective, but the very end of the song also switches up completely. This leaves you with a need to replay the song over again, just to hear the ending.

Given how early it is in Payday‘s career and how ingenious she is, it’s safe to say she’s got a bright future ahead of her. If you haven’t already, take a listen to her latest album, “It’s Just Music”. You won’t be disappointed.

Produced By

Unknown Nick, SickDrumz, Heda X, Eligh, Saint Patrick, 18YOMAN, Len20 & Sarcastic Sounds

Release Date

December 18, 2020


Seattle, WA

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