Roan – Nocturnal (Album Stream)

Nocturnal is the debut album by 16 year old Bay Area artist, Roan. Accompanied by various ascending artists and a cover by Riley Savage of Hivemind – Roan‘s potential is getting him on the radar of many. Having only taken music seriously for the past year and a half, Roan is as promising as they come. Influenced early on by acts spanning from XXXTENTACION to Justin Bieber, Roan is coming into his sound and pushing his boundaries. Currently pushed by the melodic, angst-driven style employed by artists like The Kid Laroi and Iann Dior, Nocturnal is the perfect amalgamation of tracks to get us excited to see what Roan has in store next.

Recruiting Hyperpop meets rap heavy hitter, midwxst, for the intro track “Cursed”, we’re introduced straight away to the versatility Roan offers as he effortlessly floats over a dreamy, dancehall inspired instrumental. The inclusion of midwxst’s downhearted display of emotion paired with Roan’s buttery flow makes for a great first track to get the listener hooked. Reminiscent of the vocal inflections of Yung Pinch on “I guess it’s Fine”, Roan shines once again displaying his radio-radio voice over a spacy trap beat. Middle track, “Back To You” features an appearance from rising artist BIGBABYGUCCI, that exhibits a more abrasive side to Roan displayed on his verse. Stand-out song, “Okay Baby!”, features a sweet poppy guitar and funky bass that he glides across with ease. Recruiting Koi for the single, “Remedy”, the two mesh perfectly for this uplifting love letter exploring the feeling of uncontrollably falling for someone and hoping it lasts forever. The final track, Waste My Time, is another spot where Roan has his sizable vocal range on full display – an important quality that separates him from many of his peers.

This 8 track album released on January 3rd comes together perfectly to show exactly why we’re so excited about Roan, and why you should be watching his next moves. With a crisp, distinct voice and a knack for writing snappy hooks, Roan is one you don’t want to let fly under your radar. 

As for the future, Roan will look to build on his early success and diversifying his catalogue. In 2021, the young artist aims to expand on his versatility, playing with elements of pop & rnb, as well as make a name for himself in the growing Hyperpop community. You can expect new music and visuals coming soon. 

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