Buppy. – Violence (Music Video)

I recently caught wind of this kid Buppy, 17 years old, from the far far land of Utah, now living in LA, and he’s racking up some ascending numbers online. He released a nice chunk of music in 2020, as his real introduction to the world but in 2021 he’s topping all of that with this brand new song “Violence”. Buppy just has this really endearing, swaggy flow for the lack of a better word, that is so damn infectious. He found a beautiful melodic quality out of the gruffness of his voice, thanks to some autotune help as well but he’s got something potent with it, especially when you pair it with melodies that easily get caught in the listener’s heads. Co-written by Buppy’s sister @eleanorkingston and produced by @coleboia, the trio found an effortlessly cool song here that has me and surely plenty other folks real excited to see what else is in store in the future

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