Jonah Zed – Tired

Snow is drenching half the nation south of Canada right now and our next featured artist hails from that land that’s accustomed to the snow. Jonah Zed is going to have you taken for a melodic loop with his brand new song “Tired”. It has this woozy, full feel and of course it sounds so well polished coming from an artist that began as a producer. And the clear attention to detail as well as the great organization of this record are just some of the things that came as a benefit. But ultimately Jonah has this sound that’s akin to the R&B wave that largely came out of Toronto but swept the nation, starting largely with Partynextdoor but with a bit less autotune and a little more soul and some elements from the pop and indie worlds too. Jonah just has a voice and sound that feels like it could teeter between a few genres.

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