Ken Car$on – Teen X: Relapsed (EP Stream)

Ken Car$on‘s latest release plays as a continuation from his previous Teen X EP released towards the end of last year. Teen X: Relapsed follows a lot of the same formulas found on the original Teen X project, but this time around Ken feels much more polished from all angles and is ready to shoot into the bigger conversations amongst his contemporaries. Teen X: Relapsed finds better bars, better vocal mixes, and better beats making for a really thundering 5-song, 9-minute listen. The production quality definitely brings Ken into a new lane, where some of the previous Teen X beats felt half-baked, but with Teen X: Relapsed the production feels like full thoughts, full of life and bounce to let Ken go crazy on. All signs point straight ahead for Ken Car$on, especially as his legend and influence continues to grow, as his Teen X naming was co-opted for Playboi Carti and Future‘s track found on Whole Lotta Red.

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