Back with his first release of 2021, Stockholm-based singer Augustine returns this week with “Prom”. Capturing the tragic beauty of change, Augustine sings in his dulcet falsetto tones over a vintage-sounding mix full of 70’s piano melodies and punchy percussion. Augustine’s vocal performance amplifies the track’s saccharine and nostalgic feel, but there is a hint of uneasiness embedded within his writing. He sings “Now maybe / This is the last of what there is to feel / It’s only different places / Poor imitations”, reflecting a claustrophobic tension surrounding the fear of change. When people and places change, do they truly become different? Or are they just different shades of what they just used to be? Despite Augustine’s morbid curiosity on “Prom”, he can’t help but stay in the present and enjoy a fun night on the precipice of a new era. “Prom” is both a deep and infectiously catchy track that will certainly stay in our rotation for the time being, or at least until Augustine returns with another hit.

Produced By

Augustine, Rassmus Björnson & Agrin Rahmani

Release Date

January 29, 2021


Stockholm, Sweden

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