emawk is no stranger to the Fashionably Early pages, and for good reason. Emawk continues to raise the bar and separate from the crowd, and his latest offering “HIGHROAD” helps reinforce both of those characteristics. Emawk comes with a bit more braggadocio and even a little more pop flare with “HIGHROAD” which feels like a step forward in his blossoming personality and trajectory.

Slipping in some very on-brand Allen Iverson references of cross overs and step-overs (a Tyronn Lue stray lands again), “HIGHROAD” throws a little bit of shade of being undermined or taken advantage of, but Emawk balances it out with the end of the track stating that it’s all love and there’s no time to throw stones. The video direction puts Emawk front and center in full performance mode, and even hitting a choreography routine, full of life and color to back the self-confident song lyrics. No one out sounds like Emawk, and he also isn’t afraid to break his own mold and step in to different sounds and ideas, which is certainly why Emawk deserves to be on everyone’s radar.

Produced By

Zach Ezzy

Release Date

January 22, 2021


Boston, MA

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