Khi Infinite – SOMETIMES

“Sometimes” a song has the power to infect you with its mood, and few do it better than “SOMETIMES” by 20 year old Virginia Beach native, Khi Infinite. Guided by a pulsating kick and triumphant bass, this R&B-pop fusion drowns you in its dreamy depths. Ready to hit your playlist for Valentine’s Day, “SOMETIMES” is everything great about a feel-good love tune. From the gorgeous vocal performance, to the poppy lyrics, there’s countless ways to lose yourself in this track. With a recent turn in sound, Khi is rapidly on the upswing and we have every reason to believe that this trend will continue. Don’t miss out on Khi as he leaps into the next level of his career – fall into his recent catalogue and you’re sure to find a new favorite bop to throw in your playlists.

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