Miley! – 21

We’re welcoming Miley! back to the Fashionably Early pages under his new moniker. I previously covered the Louisiana based artist in 2019 when he was going by That Boy Miles and he’s going for a reintroduction with his new name. His new self-produced single ’21’ doesn’t stray too far from the sound that intrigued me back in 2019 but it feels a bit more fleshed out. The entire sound feels off-kilter, from the production to the autotune-tinged vocals but it just feels so fresh and infectious sonically. The writing is the real highlight of the song, which is about “trying to find peace within yourself and accepting who you are — the good and the bad.” When you pair all of this with a great visual, there’s really a lot to love on this one. Keep an eye on Miley! here in 2021.

Watch the video for ’21’ above or stream the song below.

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