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West London’s Xadi has been on our radar but with each song he drops, it becomes more and more apparent how high this man’s ceiling is; for fans all over the world to really gravitate toward the scintillating music coming from over there. He has a great, soulful singing but perhaps even more important, the flow is so on point and Xadi knows exactly how to use his voice and properly float on beats.

Like on his new tune “Movies”, the self-produced tune isn’t overly complicated on a production end, or just in general, this one isn’t complicated, Xadi finds the perfect middle ground and doesn’t try to do too much. He finds such a beautiful way to compliment this one vocally and now I can’t get this song off of damn repeat. It’s got some beautiful melodies on this consistent bop from start to finish. And we’re so damn excited to continue to see where to music goes, there’s not doubt in my mind that we’ll be seeing and hearing lot more from Xadi.

Produced By


Release Date

January 28, 2021


London, UK

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