Paris Texas- Heavy Metal (Music Video)

After teasing their arrival on socials for the past several weeks, Paris Texas is finally giving us their musical debut with this debut single and video titled “Heavy Metal.” The video, is a beautiful first glimpse into their world, a dive into the midwest in a clean yet angsty manner. The graphic is exhilarating and almost feels like watching a thriller movie transpire before your eyes, with “Heavy Metal” being the score. The minimalistic guitar beat led by a hard hitting heavy metal guitar riff draws you in while the duo exudes some real personality and fluidity on the vocal end of things. The end of the song has an eerie transition into a much calmer, more tranquil guitar solo, possibly teasing their next song as we’re right around the corner from some more tunes. With a lot of industry backing already and a sure fervor that will begin to spawn in the coming days, look the fuck out for these guys.

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