The Blossom’s time is here. They’ve been carving their starting path beautifully since 2020, as many people in and around the music industry caught wind of her music and typically latched onto at least one song big time. With me, once I heard “ANGEL FANGS” it was clear that a new star could be amidst us. I must’ve played that song a 100 plus times but what’s truly exciting is there’s so much more in store, including a new single today.

“HARDCORE HAPPY” is the lead single off their forthcoming EP and it boasts help from a big portion of @brckhmptn’s help in bringing this one to life. As @kevinabstract and @himattchampion chime in on the writing end and more production and writing contributions from @jabarimanwa & @romilhemnani. That being impressive enough, the song and self-directed music video holds its own weight. Featuring another sticky yet filthy guitar chord progression, The Blossom’s passion spills out with flying colors on a song that feels like an impassioned diary entry. And their vocal tone is so damn good, thanks in part the beautiful mixing job and that they have the perfect pocket for their voice, that’s tinged with some gritty autotune effects that feel 5-star musical chef prepared. The new EP ’97 BLOSSOM’ is slated to be out in April, be on the lookout for that as well 👀 – @trixxfe

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