SG ALI – Drank On The Block (Music Video)

Chicago rapper SG ALI is a name we are certainly going to hear a lot, she’s not a new name but 2021 is turning a new page on her career, one that’s bound to be decorated with songs like her first single and music video of the year “Drank On The Block”. Chicago’s recent history with street music is no secret, but it seems like SG ALI was a diamond in the rough of the city. Drank On The Block is a colorful and sunny ode to the city that made SG ALI, and has given her some lessons, some scars, but still maintains a positive outlook on the days to come. We also know SG ALI is going to be in great hands, releasing “Drank On The Block” under the new imprint of Steady Leanin, which is a stamp of approval that certainly means a few things if you are hip to Steady Leanin’s own rise to prominence. “Drank On The Block” shows all signs are upwards for SG ALI, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

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