6VIB3Z & lilcheatcod

This song came out at the tail end of last month but I literally haven’t taken it off repeat since I found it today. Atlanta’s 6VIB3Z has been releasing a consistent dose of music since 2018, growing from taking a lot of nods from the sound Juice WRLD carved out. Now he’s gotten to the point where Juice WRLD just sounds like an influence to 6VIB3Z, because he’s found a sound of his own with his latest drop “Runaway”; that’s quite frankly sounding like a hit. The guitar sample’s simple but 6VIB3Z lays down some beautiful melodies while riding the beat at just the right tempo that also always his dark vibrato to really shine. The song’s also aided with a verse from lilcheatcod, who’s been an underrated favorite of ours through the past few months. Add this song to every playlist you have, you can thank me later when you show this song to everyone you know and they too love the tune.

Produced By


Release Date

January 29, 2021


Atlanta, GA

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