Noah Jack

I came across Noah Jack last summer and it was evident on the first listen that the sky was the limit for this kid. “Facelift” arrives as his sophomore single on all streaming platforms after a long list of breathtaking Soundcloud exclusives. Most artists this early in their career glimmer with potential in a few aspects, but in Noah’s case he comes equipped with the full package. Already stocked with years of experience self-producing in his “studio closet in the basement”, the 20 year old Pennsylvania native is able to bring his vision to life from start to finish and boast a sound that’s uniquely his.

Facelift introduces itself with a fun guitar riff and catchy hook delivered by a lovesick Noah. But between all the sweet harmonies and sparkly falsetto’s, we’re thrown a beat switch up and a verse that’s… well you’ll see for yourself.

One thing that sets Noah apart from his peers is his knack to write super relatable lyrics in an eccentric way. With his writing paired with an undeniable charism and production that, for lack of a better term, knocks – it’s easy to see why we’re so excited to see what’s in store next for Noah. Check out “Facelift” now and stay in tune with Noah as this is surely just the beginning of something huge.

Produced By

Noah Jack

Release Date

February 26, 2021



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