New Ceilings

Dava gave us a batch of singles last year after signing her deal with Disruptor and with her first release of 2021, she’s harkening back to something she made before putting pen to paper; while she was still driving the Mini Cooper all over LA to making a living and pump back into the music. And the song loosely speaks to that, a song written during a tough point in her life and her yearning for her dreams to become a reality and that if she keeps going, that ceiling is ready to be broken through. That passion bleeds through on this one and especially as you begin to pull back the layers, it’s an easy song to fall more and more in love with. We’re excited to see Dava continue to push through the ceiling as 2021 chugs along and this memorable self-directed music video aids the 2021 start.

Produced By

Mike Adubato

Release Date

February 26, 2021


Denver, CO

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