Clubhouse – Heartbroke (Music Video)

This week Clubhouse hits the ground running in 2021 with their newest single and video, “Heartbroke”. This track sees the Ohio-based indie-pop group delivering fans their signature upbeat musical style, full of infectious basslines and groovy guitar melodies. “Heartbroke” is a cleverly written track about the insanity behind a relationship nearing the end of its lifespan, but you might not know it given the track’s shimmering production and carefree feel. Clubhouse linked up with Hunter Lyon to produce the music video for “Heartbroke”, and together they have created a polished and interesting visual full of brooding melancholic scenes – possibly representing the internal tension when you know that a relationship just isn’t working. Whether or not you can relate to its message, “Heartbroke” is an undeniable banger that has me mourning the death of an unhealthy relationship that I don’t even have. Having instantly added it to my weekly rotation, I know I’m not the only one psyched to see what else Clubhouse creates this year.

Watch the video for “Heartbroke” above or stream the song below.

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