Flower in Bloom – Just Sayin’ Shit

Flower in Bloom isn’t particuarly a new name to us but she’s making her Fashionably Early debut with her latest release ‘Just Sayin’ Shit’. The North Carolina native came across our radar last year with her collaboration with OG Spliff and she’s crafting a really intriguing alternative R&B sound across her released catalog. ‘Just Sayin’ Shit’ is probably the best example of her sound and it really serves as a teaser with it only being 61 seconds long. The beat is the perfect foundation for her melodic rapping and showcases a lot of potential in the alternative R&B space. Hopefully the next few songs are longer but until then, we’ll be smashing replay on ‘Just Sayin’ Shit’.

Stream ‘Just Sayin’ Shit’ below or view the video above.

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