AG Club, Sam Truth & redveil

Obviously, life over the past year has been vastly different than in the past, but so many artists really made the best out of the hand the world dealt us all, especially these three AG Club, Sam Truth & redveil. Funny enough, we found all three of them around the same time, at the top of 2020, before really any of them were known, before the Spotify editorials and all of that. And all three capitalized on good music and the power of the internet to grow real fanbases without needing the benefits of touring and things of that nature that a normal world could provide them.

Evolving from similar roots really helped them all band together and naturally come together on this brand new song “Truth”. It’s dark rap banger, especially aided by the nightvision-esque visuals from 777media. AG Club’s Jody Fontaine is steering the ship here, but it’s the verses from Sam and Veil that make it all come together like the power rangers. All these artists have fruitful and real bright paths ahead of them but I get the feeling this wont be the last time we get this kind of collaboration.

Produced By

SickDrumz, Saint Patrick & Nick "UnknownNick" Audino

Release Date

March 5, 2021


Bay Area, CA

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