Chloe Parché

Through countless submissions, finding gems like Australian singer/songwriter Chloe Parché in thick of it is what makes it all worth it. Though “Moneymaker” is only Chloe Parché’s debut single, she definitely has an incredible grasp on how to make a hit. Powerful vocal harmonies? Punchy percussion? A killer bassline? Check, check, and check.

On her newest release, Chloe Parché puts forth her seasoned talent to deliver a slick track about the complex power dynamics within romantic relationships. Listening to “Moneymaker”, you may be surprised to hear that Chloe is only 17 – though somehow her music reflects a deep understanding of catchy songwriting and clever lyricism. Over steady piano chords, Chloe’s vocals sound polished and pristine, existing somewhere between the influence of BENEE and Lily Allen. Though her quick wit may be easily mistaken for sardonic writing, Chloe Parché’s unique personality provides listeners with a banger that is just as smart as it is catchy. This one’s sure to catch on and we’re eagerly waiting for what the next song sounds like.

Produced By

Luke O'Loughlin

Release Date

March 16, 2021


Sydney, Australia

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