North Carolina’s Maasho wasn’t exactly known as a genre bender, but he makes that mark as re-emerges in dramatic fashion for his first release of 2021 “Sad Machine.” The pop-rock anthem is the lead single for his upcoming album ‘ABESRWLD’.

With lines like “This thing that got me down right now / can you turn it off?” alongside the upbeat melody, Maasho creates a two-sided environment for both party animals and wallflowers who are struggling with the internal conflict of having a ‘sad machine’ pointed at them.

Maasho spent most of the last year dropping fire bars and catchy hooks on tracks like “World on Fire” and “Lemon Baby.” These added essential color to an otherwise gray 2020, but his shift into making more rock-inspired music puts his artistic growth on full display while solidifying his role as a suburban Rockstar.

While the song marks a major change in Maasho’s music, it’s totally an evolution from what he’s done in the past, so if you’re in need of a song to blast in the car with hard-hitting drums and car-shaking sub-bass, this is it.

Produced By

Maasho, sheikh & Wowjack

Release Date

March 16, 2021


Raleigh, NC

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