dramaqueen / ENATURALIST

sebastian6 is the more hyperpop leaning pseudonym of Knapsack, who has finally released his EP “ENATURALIST” onto all streaming platforms after making it in a day and letting it live exclusively on Soundcloud in July. The EP was an instant favorite over here so we’re glad it can now seep into playlists like ours and hopefully Spotify editorials and so on. Because this song “dramaqueen” is a slap – no way around it.

The song lives up to its name with dramatic yet soothing vocals and ethereal production. Falling in and out of falsetto over ambient bells, “dramaqueen” shines with a dream-like charm that’s become signature for sebastian6 thus far. Standing at a little over 4 and a half minutes long, “ENATURALIST” is well worth the listen and packed to the brim with fun moments. Plug “ENATURALIST” into your ears and don’t miss what’s next for Sebastian6, I know I won’t!

Produced By


Release Date

March 18, 2021


New York, NY

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