Issey Cross – Mirrors Don’t Lie (EP Stream)

This week marks the first week of spring, so it seems only fitting that we cover a promising young artist that represents the future and all the musical change that comes with it. Few artists embody this ideal more than Issey Cross, a London-based pop star whose music is full of subversive styles and risk-taking. Her debut EP Mirrors Don’t Lie releases this week following the enormously successful singles she released earlier this year. Featuring all-star production from industry heavyweights like Ebeneezer (Ashnikko, Rejjie Snow, Stefflon Don), ADP (M.I.A), and P2J (Jessie Reyez, Alicia Keys, Burna Boy), Issey Cross’s newest project is a brilliant showcase of her dynamic vocals, affinity for songwriting, and star potential.

From heart-wrenching power ballads to sultry R&aB-flavored bangers, Issey Cross refuses to be restrained to one genre on “Mirror’s Don’t Cry”. Throwing pop’s modern conventions out the window, Issey Cross proves her potential as music’s rising star with her newest collection of diverse cuts. “Jaded” is a hypnotic and unlikely synthesis of pop and R&B stylings – which Issey commands easily to create a sound that is both nostalgic and futuristic. Sounding like a dream collaboration between Erika de Casier and The Neptunes, Issey Cross‘s uncommonly tender vocal performance is starkly juxtaposed against powerful percussion that we hear on more than one track. “Boys Make Promises” and “FunFair” both utilize percussion as a musical focal point as well, but while the former is a distorted electronic ballad whose clever writing and composition shares more in common with waltz music than pop – the latter is a smooth and upbeat R&B track that serves as the perfect foundation for Issey Cross‘s dulcet tones. Though only four tracks long, Issey Cross flexes her powerful left-pop chops so impressively that each track made its way into my weekly rotation.

Mirrors Don’t Lie is an incredibly polished and cleverly written debut from Issey Cross, who is consistently making a strong case for her as music’s next big talent. Though as of writing she is still a ‘rising star’, it won’t be long until her fast-growing fanbase becomes ravenous for more new music. Though Mirrors Don’t Lie will certainly satiate many of her fans (myself included), hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for new music from the young London artist.

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