Ever since I randomly stumbled across Midwxst on a fringe Soundcloud playlist a few months ago, I knew I had found something special – and clearly, I wasn’t the only one. His 2020 track “Trying” has brought massive success to the young hyperpop prodigy, and today Midwxst releases its long-awaited visual.

Though outlets may describe Midwxst as an emerging hyperpop talent, “Trying” is not as easy to pin down. With the track’s composition seeing the unlikely pairing of melodic Latin-flavored guitar samples and hyperpop’s signature mind-crushing bass signals, “Trying” throws together a myriad of musical styles to make something brand new. The video for “Trying” reflects this idea, where scenes that initially do not fit together seem to make perfect sense under Midwxst and director DanielJordanK’s guidance. One moment the viewer sees psychedelic Soundcloud rap visuals of nature with Midwxst’s face submerged underwater. The next sees this image juxtaposed against jarring and frantic industrial imagery, with Midwxst stuck in the spotlight. Just like the track itself, the visual for “Trying” is full of talent, energy, and most importantly, something new. Though Midwxst released his latest single early last month, hopefully fans will be treated to more music and videos in 2021.

Produced By

Elxnce & thisislandis

Release Date

November 20, 2020


Carmel, Indiana

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