Pinkpantheress – Break It Off

What started as an anonymous girl, uploading songs she was making in the purest form, atop samples she flipped has quickly turned into an online sensation. Obviously we have Tik Tok to thank for it, helping expose Pinkpantheress to an enormous audience and now her music has been spreading like wildfire and her newest song “Break it Off” is at over 500k plays on Soundcloud in less than a week and it just hit all streaming platforms today!

“Break it Off” in particular takes hold of a 90s UK drum & bass record “Circles” from Adam F and it’s that underground scene that’s had a heavy significance around London and made it onto the next generation as well. She channels that upbeat style into all of her songs and paired with her really dreamy voice, has created a sound that already, even in such an early and raw stage feels refreshing and unique. The hype train is already moving at the speed of a bullet train and it’s only just beginning.

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