Far Away

We’re super excited to be introducing EASHA today. The 20 year old artist has been releasing music since last year and she’s steadily picked up a social following primarily thanks to her TikTok. EASHA recently shared her new single ‘Far Away’ which we threw on the playlist but this was too good to not give it more of a spotlight. ‘Far Away’ is an indie pop song that really sticks out thanks to EASHA‘s wonderful voice and delivery, which includes a bit of a sing-rap part during the middle of the song. The indie pop space is starting to feel a bit saturated, so whenever there’s a voice that really cuts through, you should definitely keep your eye on it. EASHA‘s worth that attention.

Stream ‘Far Away’ below.

Produced By

Brandon Meagher

Release Date

March 19, 2021


Princeton, New Jersey

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