Koastle & DLG.
Stay Close

Orange County California DJ/producer duo Koastle just released their first official single this past week, but they’re not a brand new pair of faces. Formerly they were The Lost Boys, that released quite a bunch of songs and remixes in the between the electronic and pop spaces. But in 2021, as we’re in a whole new world then where we were a few years ago, the guys are turning over new leaf and leaning towards chill, beautiful music that feels like a cool summer breeze.

They certainly did that with this debut single “Stay Close” that features some enigmatic melodies from @dlg.soundwaves and a hook that will repeat in your head long after you hit play on the song. It’s the perfect combination as both parties find seamless cohesion, the song’s not overcrowded and it allows the beauty of each intricate piece to breathe as freely as possible. As the warm weather inches closer, this is one you need on all the good vibes playlists.

Produced By


Release Date

March 25, 2021


Orange County, CA

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