Van Buren – BRAIN DEAD (Music Video)

Brockton collective Van Buren have been steadily carving their very own lane, prioritizing the team first mentality and homegrown talent. Today they’re hear to drop BRAINDEAD, calling on Saint Lyor, Luke Bar$, Lord Felix, and Jiles to each sprinkle their styles on to the posse-cut single and music video. The music video follows the rappers popping in and out of scene in the back of a limo before they eventually reach their destination, which is fittingly back in Brockton.

Each artist on the track has enjoyed the buzzing successes of their own individual music, with all artists at least having a solo EP under their belt, and to have them all on the same track is certainly something to pay attention to. The four artists on track each bring their personal styles to the track, giving it a lot of movement while the track bounces between verses from Luke, Felix, and Jiles, and allowing Saint Lyor to take listeners back to the catchy hook.

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