míra – Fireworks

blah blah blah Tiktok – you know the drill. In the midst of a scrolling frenzy I came across 19 year old Georgia native míra, but there was something different about this kid. “Fireworks” shines as bright as any coming-of-age indie pop song out right now. With relatable, youthful lyrics and grooving production driving the first half of the song, “Fireworks” easily works itself into any playlist geared towards warmer weather. After a brief mid-song intermission, we’re soothed into a beautiful acoustic ballad to close out the song. One of the things that really sets míra apart is the attention to detail he puts into his music, with all the layers and textures he adds coming together in the most perfect way. Trust me, it is not long until this kid is a star and Spotify’s already taken notice and has him featured on their Lorem and Young & Free playlists. Hop on the hype train now!

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