Junior Varsity – Cold Blood

Junior Varsity has been dangling their music over the industry’s head for 2 years now, and pulled off a real rare feat these days of keeping people captivated without ever officially releasing music. The hype for the LA-bred duo began as students as they built a fanbase from in the physical as fellow NYU students that started throwing parties in New York that turned into Junior Varsity shows essentially. And along with that, in 2019 the duo was shopping an infamous project to industry folk and labels with an over a one million dollar price tag to sign them. The hype and exclusivity made the music feel even more special but indeed, it was all truly special and it looks like the world will finally be hearing what they cooked up a couple years back and much more.

Officially signing to Warner Records, they kick it off with “Cold Blood” a perfect introduction into the intoxicating angst and rock power that is Junior Varsity. Headed by brainchild and vocalist Greg Aram, the listener gets this booming rock record with such new age flavor and still, it feels apropro and one of one, especially with Greg’s distinct grungy vocal tone. Get hip and peep the music video alongside the debut! LA

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