Justus Bennetts – Replace You

Justus Bennetts, a 20-year-old up and comer residing in North Carolina, is a new face to the Fashionably Early pages as well as everywhere else. Bennetts is still early into his music career with his two other songs released late into 2020 and earlier this year. “Replace You” is only Justus Bennetts third ever public release. Since it only took him three releases to create such a bop and catch attention from listeners, it will be fun to see how this new artist progresses throughout the rest of the year.

Unlike his first two songs which relied on a heavy bass and more of a hip-hop sound, Justus Bennetts newest single is a bit lighter with more pop-rock vibes, which we have Jesse Fink to thank for that surely who helped write the song. The song lures you in without an overly complex beat and vocals, but then quickly ramps up and hits you with a busy sound, high energy, and catchy chorus that demands your attention and keeps you constantly engaged. “Replace You” introduces a unique twang to the typical pop song that makes Bennetts an artist to keep an eye on. I am very excited to see what other genres and sounds he decides to engage with and put his unique twist on in the coming months.

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