phone me (feat. Keagen)

Let’s acquaint you with a brand new face, like we always do, with Cincinnati native DIJA. Her debut release came in the form as an EP in March named “lust over love”, and it’s truly a hidden gem. Driven by smooth electric piano chords, standout track “phone me” is a mellow R&B slow jam that begs to be thrown between SZA and Jhene Aiko in your rotation. The cuts on this EP are raw and lo-fi, but they seep with emotion – leaving beautiful moments scattered all throughout this thing. DIJA has got all the tools an R&B artist needs to find success and we’re here to see the potential grow into something great. Get in tune with DIJA by streaming her new EP and keep an eye out for new music! While it’s the absolute beginning, she’s got a boatload of potential.

Produced By


Release Date

March 17, 2021


Cincinnati, OH

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