Emma G
Like You

There is a subtle art to curating the midnight drive playlist, especially in the Covid-era. Finding tracks that have a low-key swagger, an infectious bounce, and refreshing originality to stand the test of time is no easy feat, but luckily this week we are graced with “Like You”, the debut track from Emma G. With dense layers of ephemeral strings and punchy percussion placed atop a thundering bass-signal, “Like You” sees the Nashville-based singer effortlessly flowing over its carefully-crafted foundation. Though Emma G‘s delivery glides between Rina Sawayama and Saweetie, her style exists as something entirely unique – at the intersection between internet-rap, bedroom-pop, and R&B. “Like You” is equally seductive and energetic, perfect for a chaotic night out or a pensive late-night drive around the city. It is rare that a young artist is able to harness their influences so easily while making something as authentic as “Like You”, which is why Emma G is without a doubt one of the most promising artists to cross our paths this year. It would be wise to keep an eye on her, we know we will.

Produced By


Release Date

April 7, 2021


Chicago, IL

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