Sam MacPherson
Last Minute

You may have caught wind of Sam MacPherson already since his last single is sitting at over 2 million streams already, and we did feature him on the Fashionably Early playlist as well 😉. Now the budding Jersey bred pop artist has another new song, that I honestly like even better. It has all the dips and dives necessary to make each moment as emphatic as it should be, and allows Sam’s voice to careen through the thick of it beautifully. Not to mention the soul it packs and some simply stellar melodies as well. Created in tandem with Julianne Hope, Adam Yaron and Andy Seltzer, the dream team crafted “Last Minute” with tender love and care that will have ears of all shapes and sizes simply addicted to smacking the play button next to the song on their streaming service of choice.

Produced By

Andy Seltzer & Adam Yaron

Release Date

April 9, 2021


Red Bank, New Jersey

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